Legal Strategy Session

At our law firm we require new clients to schedule an initial strategy session with an attorney from our team to allow us to gather all  the important facts in your case. This is necessary so that our attorneys can provide you with complete and accurate information regarding your legal options,  and so that your session is relevant to your particular situation.

When completing the message section of the consultation form, please provide a description of what you would like to discuss, including any questions you may have.

Once you submit you will be directed to a link where you can prepay for your consultation. Once payment is received, you will receive confirmation of your consultation date and time. 

Typically, consultations are up to 30 minutes. Longer consultations for complex cases are available by special arrangements. At the end of your consultation you will receive a check list, legal services price quote, and contract for legal services if you decide to hire our firm.

If our firm is retained to handle your matter within three business days of any consultation, the consultation fee will be applied towards the legal fees for the matter we are retained to handle.


Schedule a Legal Consultation

Thank you for choosing our firm to assist with your Immigration matter.